How long will my order take to ship?

About 1-3 weeks. Every item is hand made to order, so we take the time necessary to ensure your order is perfect.

What if I need the order sooner?

Please reach out to stylesbyallyne@gmail.com to discuss if it is a possibility or not! We will always try our best to get you your items as soon as possible, however there is no guarantee. 

What are your shirts made from?

Cotton, and HTV for designs.

For one of a kind shirts, will there be warnings before drops?

Yes! On our instagram, @StylesByAllyne. 

What are Wash instructions?

for tee shirts- flip inside out and wash on cold. do not heat dry!

for one of a kind button ups- Hand wash and air dry!

for crewnecks- Wash on delicate! Cool dry 

Can I be refunded customs fees? 
unfortunately not. Customs fees are mandated by each government and unpredictable. We are not responsible for them.